We work with leading veterinarians to develop implants, instruments, and state-of-the-art products for specific applications as well as custom solutions for individual surgeons. With extensive research, development, and engineering capabilities, we are able to bring exciting concepts into reality. Everost is your signature on the surgery.

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EverLok™ Plateless TPLO

EverLok™ technology reinvents TPLO procedures as the new way of fixation. This plate-less design makes surgeries less invasive, allows for faster healing time, and facilitates less procedural complications.


  • Zero profile, no plate
  • Uniform compression medial – lateral (>200N)
  • Reinforced bone bridge
  • Versatile applications
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Liberty Lock TPLO™

Liberty Lock TPLO™ Implants give you the freedom to place implants where you want them. No surgery is the same – why limit yourself to a fixed angle orthopedic implant?


  • Compatible with standard locking screws
  • Polyaxial design allows for more flexibility in surgery
  • Low profile and pre-contoured for best fitment
  • Limited contact
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Liberty Lock Trauma™

Liberty Lock Trauma™ locking plates can be pre-contoured in all planes yet still have rigidity close to limited contact plates. Between each screw location are bending zones to control where the bend occurs so not to damage the locking holes.


  • Multi-plane contouring
  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • Compatible with industry standard instruments and implant
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Simplify your lateral suture procedure: no knot, no crimp, no expensive instrumentation. Everost OrthoZip™ knotless/crimpless system is a strong, fast, and effective way to perform lateral stabilization for treatment of CCL tears.


  • Isometric, High strength, minimal elongation
  • Out-performs monofilament
  • Made from medical certified UHMWPE
  • Precise tension control
  • Pre-sterile and ready to use
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We don’t just have ideas…

We make ideas happen.

Xorption® Cages are made from proven, high quality bio-absorbable polymer that mimics and promotes natural bone healing.


  • No tissue reaction and east to remove, if necessary
  • Osteo-conductive materials provide faster bone growth
  • Interchangeable wings with 350 degrees of wing freedom
  • Limited contacts
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The Pinnacle of Veterinary Orthopedics

We are a full-line orthopedic supplier. Below are our newest innovations.

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EverLok™ Plateless TPLO


Liberty Lock TPLO™


Xorption™ TTA Cages


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