We work with leading veterinarians to develop implants, instruments, and state-of-the-art products for specific applications as well as custom solutions for individual surgeons. With extensive research, development, and engineering capabilities, we are able to bring exciting concepts into reality. Everost is your signature on the surgery.

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3D Bone Prints

STERIS Animal Health offers 3D Bone Prints in various materials including autoclavable and biocompatible plastics for deformity visualization, surgical rehearsal, and implant preparation

  • Deformity Visualization -Enhance understanding of a deformity by creating an exact replica used to better visualize the anatomy.
  • Surgical Rehearsal – Cut, drill and apply implants to assist in surgical rehearsal for many scenarios such as angular limb deformity corrections.
  • Implant Preparation – Pre-contour plates and/or pre-assemble external fixators to reduce surgical time and increase accuracy.

Price Guide

Pricing includes 3D data processing and 3D printing. Bones are printed in white, non-autoclavable, non-biocompatible resin although options include clear, non-autoclavable, non-biocompatible and clear, autoclavable and biocompatible resins. Although guide prices are given below these projects will vary in data processing and printing costs – please call or submit DICOMs for a more accurate estimate.

Print Non-autoclavable Non-biocompatible White Resin Non-autoclavable Non-biocompatible Clear Resin Autoclavable Biocompatible Clear Resin

  • Single bone (i.e long bone, joint, up to three vertebrae) $100 $150 $200
  • Limb Segment (i.e antebrachium including elbow/carpus, antebrachium including paw, longer vertebral segment, other specific limb section) $150 $200 $250
  • Complex bone (i.e whole limb) $200 $250 $300

IDEA Program

STERIS Animal Health welcomes new product concepts from surgeons in collaboration to bring ideas to reality.

Standing for Innovative Development Execution and Acceleration, the IDEA Program respects surgeons’ time and intellectual property, evaluates surgeon concepts for technical/market viability and works hand-in-hand to advance the state-of-the art in veterinary orthopedic surgery.

Our highly skilled and experienced biomedical engineering team is focused on developing veterinary orthopedic solutions. We will support you from concept through production utilizing our successful approach that has served as the foundation to all of our products.

To start a conversation about your idea, please complete contact our dedicated team here

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OrthoHelp is a complimentary service from STERIS Animal Health that can be used for orthopedic case assessment, technique inquiries, orthopedic implant selection and post-operative complication assessment. All submissions are reviewed by board certified veterinary surgeons to provide the best surgical recommendations.

Complete the online OrthoHelp form to get you started with procedural support.

Preoperative Orthopedic Planning Software

STERIS Animal Health collaborates with several state-of-the-art veterinary preoperative orthopedic planning software companies to help create more time for your patients, clients and yourself. To help streamline the planning process, STERIS Animal Health implants are available via vPOP Pro, Sound, and VetRocket.

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Research & Development

Devices Research & Development is at the heart of STERIS Animal Health. Through our commitment to R&D, we deliver products and services that drive innovation across the veterinary orthopedic market. To date, our engineers hold over one dozen national and international patents.

The STERIS Animal Health R&D experts have extensive customer and industry knowledge dating back to the 1990s. We apply strict criteria to ensure new products fulfill an unmet clinical need and can be produced according to clinical, cost and time specifications.

Recently, STERIS Animal Health has added rapid prototyping technologies to help scale prototyping and production with affordable, industrial-quality, advanced low-force stereolithography. We can also produce sustainable, efficient patient-specific implants through additive manufacturing.

Xorption® Cages are made from proven, high quality bio-absorbable polymer that mimics and promotes natural bone healing.


  • No tissue reaction and east to remove, if necessary
  • Osteo-conductive materials provide faster bone growth
  • Interchangeable wings with 350 degrees of wing freedom
  • Limited contacts
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Liberty Lock TPLO™


Xorption™ TTA Cages




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