We work with leading veterinarians to develop implants, instruments, and state-of-the-art products for specific applications as well as custom solutions for individual surgeons. With extensive research, development, and engineering capabilities, we are able to bring exciting concepts into reality. Everost is your signature on the surgery.

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EverLok™ Plateless TPLO

EverLok™ technology reinvents TPLO procedures as the new way of fixation. This plate-less design makes surgeries less invasive, allows for faster healing time, and facilitates less procedural complications.


  • Zero profile, no plate
  • Uniform compression medial – lateral (>200N)
  • Reinforced bone bridge
  • Versatile applications
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Liberty Lock TPLO™

Liberty Lock TPLO™ Implants give you the freedom to place implants where you want them. No surgery is the same – why limit yourself to a fixed angle orthopedic implant?


  • Compatible with standard locking screws
  • Polyaxial design allows for more flexibility in surgery
  • Low profile and pre-contoured for best fitment
  • Limited contact
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Liberty Lock Trauma™

Liberty Lock Trauma™ locking plates can be pre-contoured in all planes yet still have rigidity close to limited contact plates. Between each screw location are bending zones to control where the bend occurs so not to damage the locking holes.


  • Multi-plane contouring
  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • Compatible with industry standard instruments and implant
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Simplify your lateral suture procedure: no knot, no crimp, no expensive instrumentation. Everost OrthoZip™ knotless/crimpless system is a strong, fast, and effective way to perform lateral stabilization for treatment of CCL tears.


  • Isometric, High strength, minimal elongation
  • Out-performs monofilament
  • Made from medical certified UHMWPE
  • Precise tension control
  • Pre-sterile and ready to use
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We don’t just have ideas…

We make ideas happen.

drill cover hex

DrillCover Hex System – Arbutus Medical

The DrillCover Hex System

The DrillCover Hex System is the ideal drill for clinics just starting out in orthopedics, or clinics wanting to transition away from manual tools.

It is also ideal for the traveling veterinarians or clinics looking to lower their costs with a robust piece of equipment.

It is made of a durable hardware drill that is covered with the DrillCover Hex linen to make it 100% sterile, liquid and pathogen proof, for orthopedic surgery, while remaining at an affordable price.

The DrillCover technology gives veterinary surgeons the power and confidence to perform sterile surgery with ease. The drill has been carefully selected to match the speed, torque and ergonomics of a surgical drill to provide the perfect cost-saving solution.

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sawcover system

SawCover System – Arbutus Medical

The SawCover System contains a durable hardware saw that is fully sealed by the SawCover linen. This creates a 100% sterile, battery powered, liquid and pathogen proof oscillating saw at an affordable price.

The saw is fitted with an ergonomic pistol-grip handle and trigger mechanism with handling matching that of surgical orthopaedic saws.

The SawCover System is a great saw for clinics just starting out in orthopedics or clinics transitioning away from manual tools.

It is ideal for the traveling veterinarians or clinics looking to lower their costs with a robust piece of equipment.

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DrillCover PRO

DrillCover PRO System – Arbutus Medical

The DrillCover PRO System is a durable hardware drill that is fully sealed by the DrillCover PRO linen making it a 100% sterile, battery-powered orthopedic drill at an affordable price.

The DrillCover PRO System is a modular system that allows veterinarians to choose the different components based on the types of procedures they perform most. Over time when additional procedures are being performed, other attachments can be purchased.

The system allows for an exceptional precision, which is important if dealing with small and fragile bones, cannulation, switching between reaming and drilling modes, and quick exchange of half-moon shaped AO drill bits as well as Hudson or Zimmer quick-connect drill bits and reamers.

The DrillCover PRO technology gives veterinary surgeons the power and confidence to perform any sterile orthopedic procedure with ease and precision

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DrillCover Technology – Arbutus Medical

What is the DrillCover Technology?

A reusable liquid and pathogen proof fabric cover that fully envelopes a robust, powerful and affordable hardware tool creating the perfect orthopaedic solution for a cost-conscious veterinarian.

How does it work?

A simple and quick assembly, and a cover with up to 75 uses. Multiple surgeries in a day and no time to sterilize in between? Use the same power tool and simply use a sterile cover for each one.

Which Drill System is right for you?

Which Drill System is right for you?

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Xorption® Cages are made from proven, high quality bio-absorbable polymer that mimics and promotes natural bone healing.


  • No tissue reaction and east to remove, if necessary
  • Osteo-conductive materials provide faster bone growth
  • Interchangeable wings with 350 degrees of wing freedom
  • Limited contacts
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EverLok™ Plateless TPLO


Liberty Lock TPLO™


Xorption™ TTA Cages


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