Veterinary Drapes and Gowns

Our Veterinary Drapes & Gowns provide you with one sterile pack that contains everything you need for your surgical procedure.

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Designed specifically for Veterinarians

Our products are tailor-made with input from leading veterinarians. While many of our competitors simply pull existing products from the human market, we custom make our products to fit the needs of the veterinary community.

Order Management to fit your procedure schedule.

Think of the STERIS Animal Health team as your procedural partner. Our experts will work with you to create a customized ordering schedule based on your monthly procedural consumption. We offer flexibility and fast shipping to meet your needs because we understand the dynamics of your facility.

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A Fabric for Everything

GEPCO products are designed with two major factors in mind: surgeon comfort and fluid barrier protection. We painstakingly choose our array of materials to ensure that you have the most comfortable fit while maintaining a safe barrier for both you and your patient.

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  • Fluid-repellant
  • Soft, breathable, cloth-like Material


  • Wetlaid Non-Woven Material
  • Fluid-repellant
  • Stiff, paper-like Texture
  • Uniform Strength

Yellow Tyvek®

  • Polyethylene Spun and Coated
  • Fluid-proof / Impervious
  • Warm


  • Water repellant
  • Blue
  • Light-weight

Laminated Spunlace

  • Spunlace laminated with Polyethylene Film
  • Fluid-proof
  • Heavy, Warm Material

Embossed Polethylene

  • Fluid-proof / Impervious
  • Softer than Tyvek
  • Also used for drapes and split sheets

Blue Tyvek®

  • Polyethylene Spun and Coated
  • Fluid-proof / Impervious
  • Low Glare
  • Also used for shields and ortho-leggings

Made in the USA

Our product is made with pride by our skilled team in Birmingham, AL. From cutting, to sewing, to folding, to packing for sterilization, we’ve invested in our facility and team to yield high quality products for you and your patient, all of which is backed by a 3-year sterility guarantee.

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