Did you know that we now manufacture and supply several different types of surgical gowns at STERIS Animal Health? After partnering with GEPCO in 2017 we moved all manufacturing of GEPCO – General Econopak- items to our main campus in Birmingham, AL.

Not sure what style you’d need? That’s no problem! Our Customer Care team is dedicated to helping you go over and pick through our most common, and even customizable options, based on what your practice might need.

Here’s a short break-down of different gown materials:

Spunlace (Sontara)

  • Fluid-repellant
  • Soft, breathable, cloth-like Material

Laminated Spunlace (Sontara)

  • Spunlace laminated with Polyethylene Film
  • Fluid-proof
  • Heavy, Warm Material


  • Wetlaid Non-Woven Material
  • Fluid-repellant
  • Stiff, paper-like Texture
  • Uniform Strength

SMS Polyethylene (spunbond meltblown spunbond)

  • Fluid-repellant
  • Lightweight
  • Fray and Lint Resistant

We also supply various gown sleeve options:

Blue Tyvek

  • Polyethylene Spun and Coated
  • Fluid-proof / Impervious
  • Low Glare
  • Also used for shields and ortho-leggings

Yellow Tyvek

  • Polyethylene Spun and Coated
  • Fluid-proof / Impervious
  • Warm

Embossed Polyethylene

  • Fluid-proof / Impervious
  • Softer than Tyvek
  • Also used for drapes and split sheets

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