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Canine Extraction Kit


STERIS Vet - Canine Extraction Kit

Category: Surgical Instrument Packs, by Procedure, Dental Extractions
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AH.EV-760105 STERIS Vet Scalpel Handle
AH.EV-760100 STERIS Vet Cindex Periosteal Elevator
AH.EV-760103 STERIS Vet Tissue Forceps, 4.5” 1x2 Teeth w/ Fenestrated Handles
AH.EV-760106 STERIS Vet Dental Winged Elevator, 2mm
AH.EV-760107 STERIS Vet Dental Winged Elevator, 3mm
AH.EV-760108 STERIS Vet Dental Winged Elevator, 4mm
AH.EV-760101 STERIS Vet Extremma Extraction Forceps
AH.EV-760102 STERIS Vet Namastava Flap Scissors
AH.EV-760104 STERIS Vet Mirco Ryder TC Needle Holder, 5”
AH.EV-760109 STERIS Vet Northbent Suture Scissors, 4.75”
AH.EV-721052 Silicone Mat, 280x200mm
AH.EV-760125 B-Lok Flat Tray - Neon Blue
AH.EV-760127 Safe-Lok Cover for B-Lock Flat Tray


STERIS Animal Health has worked diligently to reimagine the CORE dental
instrument sets used today. Our goal is to provide veterinarians with instrument
packs that are better suited for their intended purpose and modern techniques.
Our high-quality, German instruments have been recreated with new, innovative
designs, to reflect decades of experience in performing oral surgery and teaching
veterinary dentistry. These purpose-built instruments are thoughtfully arranged
to create a better user experience.

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